Florida bat exclusion regulations

​ Fall is the best time to exclude bats from your home or other structures because maternity season, which occurs from April 15 to August 15, has ended. During maternity season, it is illegal to exclude bats by any means  which allow bats to exit, but block them from returning to their roosts. 

ATTIC CLEAN-OUT Service with insulation removal & replacement

Once the critters are gone, have you thought of the health hazards they leave behind?  

After an evacuation and exclusion service to eliminate critters - make sure you inquire about our Attic Clean-Out Services with Insulation Removal & Replacement. 

Once the Critters are gone, they still leave behind feces, urine, blood and tissue throughout the insulation in your attic ~ this now becomes a health hazard to you and your family.

Our trained service technicians will remove all insulation in your attic. Once removed we will sanitize, deodorize and then replace with new blown insulation.

Protecting your family's health is our top priority!

Rodent, Squirrel, 

Bat & BEE solutions 

WEC has solutions for all of your "critter issues". Our specialty services includes: rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats & bees.

Schedule your inspection today. We will begin with a positive identification and locate all points of entry to the structure. Your inspector will then review their findings, provide recommendations and a quote for an elimination, evacuation, or exclusion service. 

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